I love Travel but hate travelling

I am currently sitting in an airport in Sri Lanka, typing this as a way to channel my emotions.

The past few days in this country have been nothing short of amazing. Above all the great experiences though, this trip did help me confirm something- I fucking hate travelling.

More specifically, I anywhere from intensely dislike to deeply abhor every form of long-distance travel available to the average traveller. This includes busses, trains and airplanes.

Sitting here in the airport, waiting for our flight, I am plagued with thoughts of homesickness. The fly buzzing around is getting on my nerves. The thought of spending 20 minutes being X-rayed and frisked only for the privilege of getting into a nauseating metal tube for the next one and half hours is, frankly, a little depressing.

Don’t get me wrong- the time spent here in Sri Lanka has been refreshing and enlightening as heck. I got to connect with some genuinely amazing people, listed some breathtakingly beautiful places and learnt a ton about this part of the world.

But the past hour has consisted of four, tired, sleepy travellers uncomfortably shifting around in a car heading to an airport that’s 28 kilometers from the center of Colombo. All the amazing-ness of the past few days feels like it has been overrun by the thought of the uncomfortable night of travel in store for me.

Humans are not designed for this shit.

And now, onto my 3rd coffee.

Update 10:15am, 27th Sept 2017: In my seat, on my final flight home. Got the WordPress app for Android installed and set up on my phone. The world is bright again 🌈

Update 10:17am: Flight is delayed by “at least 20 minutes” due to “some technical difficulties”. This is so cruel, it’s funny 🙃

Update 11:33am: We changed aircrafts and are taxing down the runway. Finally.