For Sale: KTM 390 Adventure (2021)



ps: I’ll upload some “normal” pictures soon too, just haven’t gotten around to taking them 😅


The bike is in great condition.

I service her regularly (every ~6 months) and get the chain professionally cleaned & lubed from the KTM service center. This can be verified via the Lulla Nagar KTM service center since service history is tied to the chassis number in their system.

Tyres, front and rear, are OEM Metzellers. Front has less than 1000km of wear on it, and the rear has about 2000km.

I’ve gone on a few trail rides & KTM off-road events, where I’ve dropped the bike several times. All low speed, all on soft mud/dirt — I see falling as part of using the bike to potential. Most falls have resulted in some combination of: broken brake/clutch levers, front/rear blinkers & damaged ego to myself.

I’ve never had an accident on any hard surface (thank God 😮‍💨) and there is most certainly no damage to the frame, subframe, engine or any other part of the bike. You are of course free to check.

Accessories installed

All of these are plug-and-play kind of accessories, meaning they can be removed and the bike returned to stock factory condition by a mechanic in about two hours.

I’ve added each of them since I believe they are essential to the purpose of trail riding & weekend rides, which was my use case.

1. Zana Front Fork SlidersAt delivery, by KTM service personnel
2. Zana GPS MountAt delivery, by KTM service personnel
3. BOBO BM2 Aluminium Phone Holder with 2.5A USB ChargerSelf, August 2021The USB charging port is not currently working. I think it’s just a loose connection, but I haven’t checked for sure.
4. Zana Bar RiserAt delivery, by KTM service personnel1-inch up, 1-inch over pull back type — 50-50 for highway and trails.
5. Grip Puppies (Standard)Self, May 2022Helps keep a lighter handlebar grip and dulls high frequency buzz.
6. Zana Engine Guard w/ slidersAt delivery, by KTM service personnelI’ve held onto the OEM KTM engine guard too.
7. PowerTRONIC FuelX Pro piggyback ECUSelf, April, 2022Smooths out throttle response and compensates for imperfect fuelling. I prefer to have the controller module hidden under seat, but it can be mounted on the handlebar.
8. 14-tooth sprocket from Duke/ADV 250By KTM service personnel, December 2021A common mod that smooths out the bottom end. The stock sprocket takes ~10 minutes to replace and costs ~₹300 last I checked.
Note: I will not sell the bike without these. It’s all or nothing. I also have the original saree guard stored in my loft, which I have removed from the bike.

ps.: I also have CE Level 1/2 rated riding jacket, pants, gloves and boots (all size L, EU 10 respectively) that I need to get rid of. Let me know if interested and we can talk. This is independent from the bike.

Misc. Notes/FAQs

Comparison v. current variants

Long story short, this bike is mechanically identical to the “Standard” variant in the current lineup, and differs from the “V” variant only by seat height, ground clearance & suspension travel (of which the V variant has less of).

The X variant has none of the electronic features — including the corner sensitive ABS (though it does have switchable ABS), traction control, quickshifter or the large TFT colour display.

The Rally variant is mechanically & electronically identical to my bike, with only the addition of spoked + tubed tyres and adjustable front/rear suspension. I think these can be retrofitted if you really want them, but don’t take my word for it.

Second hand Pricing

I bought the bike for ~₹3.8L on-road. I’ve then fitted about ₹22k worth of accessories.

The vehicle market is a bit crazy right now. I’ve heard that the Standard variant goes for ₹4.3-4.4L. The second hand market has also ballooned: I’ve seen 2020/2021 models listed for >₹3.5-3.9L (!!)

I have considered a 20% depreciation to my total investment to arrive at what I think is a very fair price. You’re free to have a different assessment of course, but I want to be transparent and hope that any potential buyer sees this as reasonable, given the state of the market.

+   22,000
= 4,01,243
x      0.8

Now that you know, please don’t waste my time lowballing me. I will leave you on read and block you if you do.

Low-end is weak?

Yes. This bike is most happy when its revved out and going fast. In that sense, it’s a “true” KTM. Initial pull — below about 5k RPM — is not great, and even with the smaller front sprocket and piggyback ECU, you will have to work the gearbox and half clutch in slow-moving (ie., <30kmph) traffic.

When you get a chance to open the engine up and push the chassis on corners or the trails…boy it puts a smile on your face. I love riding this bike hard. And that’s why I feel I have to sell it — I now have responsibilities and don’t feel comfortable riding hard, fast or long distance any longer 😪

Considering its form factor and power delivery, this bike is best suited to a rider that is looking for an upgrade, with the thrills and compromises that it brings. If you are interested (at my selling price), but still have questions of any kind, I’m happy to have an honest & open conversation over the phone to help you decide.

A (slightly biased) note from the owner

A couple of years ago, when I was searching for an upgrade on my trusty Dazzler, I would have loved to come across a reasonable priced, non-shady, non-sticker-bombed ADV390 to save some money. Unfortunately, the bike has just released a year prior, and the used market had slim pickings.

This listing is exactly what I would have loved to see. A reasonably priced, well maintained upgrade bike, that’s 100% ready to ride from day one.

— Fin. —