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  • Cleaning my closet

    No, that isn’t a metaphor.

  • hello world

    There are few things on the internet that are as universally guaranteed to draw ire as the infamous “edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger” Reddit comment. And yet, it’s hard to go a single day without seeing multiple instances of the “mandatory edit”. The “hello world” post has got to be one of the…

  • Ghost by RoadGods mini review

    Ghost by RoadGods mini review

    An excellent bag for someone who needs to open/close the bag only a couple of times a day on average — like an office worker who travels to work on their bike.

  • Travel log: Sri Lanka

    Travel log: Sri Lanka

    I wrote this immediately after my trip to Sri Lanka in September of 2017 as a way for me to archive my experiences and maybe help out some Internet-savvy traveller.

  • Noob movie review

    Noob movie review

    The Greatest Showman and Star Wars: The Last Jedi could not be further apart.

  • I quit my job

    I quit my job

    Up next: Search, contemplate and adventure ✨

  • These are my goals for the following month. No, these are not my new years’ resolutions.

  • WhatsApp Stories

    Sometimes you find inspiration. Sometimes inspiration finds you.

  • Finding a Google Play client for MacOS

    TL;DR: I use Google Play Music Desktop Player because it is stable and easy to set up.

  • I love Travel but hate travelling

    Humans were not designed for long-distance metal-tube travel.