Category: Revelations

  • 2020 and the decade to come

    In which I reflect how the 2020s is going to be the most defining decade of my life.

  • I 🗣 to 🤔

    I’ve noticed that my mind goes blank if I ever “stop to think”. I thought it had something to do with my concentration, but the other day, I had a revelation (while talking). I talk to think! It makes perfect sense. I need to vocalize when learning/studying or I can’t make any connections I have…

  • Instagram + Twitter = 3

    I’ve been using the Instagram Stories and it has taken the place of my old WhatsApp Stories contact list, only on steroids. Seriously, this is such a great feature. It’s ephemeral nature allows me to post without abandon, the tagging and re-sharing is great for pulling people into the conversation and the stickers/filters/text additions are…