Instagram + Twitter = 3

I’ve been using the Instagram Stories and it has taken the place of my old WhatsApp Stories contact list, only on steroids. Seriously, this is such a great feature.

It’s ephemeral nature allows me to post without abandon, the tagging and re-sharing is great for pulling people into the conversation and the stickers/filters/text additions are just plain fun. I use Stories to post updates about where I am, what I’m doing and who I’m with. It’s great.

Instagram, as in my main feed, is where I post all my artistic and more carefully curated pictures. I still don’t want to take myself too seriously when I’m deciding what to post and I avoid posting selfies of just myself on my feed (those are the scum of the Instagram post types if you ask me #hottake). Instead, I post things that I really enjoy seeing – great pictures that tell stories or aid in a narrative. It’s a great creative outlet.

And then Twitter. I have been much more impulsive with my tweets ever since I’ve made my Instagram. I think part of the reason is that I just don’t care about my followers anymore – all my social interaction and associated dopamine comes from Instagram now – but another part is that Twitter is kinda perfect for the text-based shower thoughts that I have.

{There’s also WordPress, where I write long-from stuff. This site for personal stuff, the other one for more formal stuff.}

So it’s all fallen into place quite well. I have clearly demarcated zones for all the types of things I want to do. Instagram has actually made me use Twitter (and even WhatsApp, for pure communication) better. It’s very much a case of 1 + 1 = 3.

Life is good. Let’s try to keep it that way!