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  • A c***d snapshot (II)

    A c***d snapshot (II)

    More than a year into the pandemic, and c***d is a political issue more than a public health one.

  • A COVID-19 snapshot

    This is a WhatsApp exchange with a friend from another SEA country. I felt like I should put it up here because it holds in suspended animation this unprecedented time in human history. Even though it’s hard to imagine, I know that things will return to normalcy and that we will look back at this…

  • About my Mi Band 4

    I think this is a great little starting device for someone who wants to be more mindful of their activity patterns and/or who wants to get into a habit of walking/running.

  • Ghost by RoadGods mini review

    Ghost by RoadGods mini review

    An excellent bag for someone who needs to open/close the bag only a couple of times a day on average — like an office worker who travels to work on their bike.