I’m on Instagram! (and how I plan on using it)

I would love for everyone I care about to be on Twitter. But that is not remotely close to being true.

Facebook makes me sick in the stomach.

Instagram…I actually really like. It just has a way of encouraging people to showcase their own personal brand of creativity, that I find really attractive. Plus, it has (almost) everyone I would want to keep in touch with. And, they’re active.

But. It’s a new landscape, and I’m a bit lost. So. Here are my tentative Rules of Engagement™ for Instagram:

  1. It’s my primary social platform. I don’t fully know what this means, and I’m sure it’ll be clearer down the line, but for now, I want to use this platform to catch the pulse of how the people I care about are doing: both, in specific (ie., news/life events) or general (ie., social context)
  2. I am very scared of an over-populated timeline filled with people I don’t care about. So, I will only follow people who I am in regular contact with and whose lives I would like updates on. Both conditions need to be true.
  3. Corollary to above, I will not follow any “pages” or personalities, at least to begin with.
  4. I want to post regularly, but I don’t want to find myself in a place where I’m taking myself too seriously. Having said that, I want my profile to reflect a mindfulness with regard to posting – I want to post things that I resonate with; not pointless captions, bullshit captions or #random updates yuck

Here goes nothing!