I’m two weeks into my second first job

Yesterday was the end of my second week of employment with rtCamp, the company that gave me my first job out of college, where I worked until I left for my gap year.

Upon returning from my gap year, I was of the mind that I should go back to studying. I had decided on doing an MBA from a decently rated university in India, which required me to give a few entrance exams, which I did.

And failed at.

Well, I actually did well relative to my preparations, but I could have pushed harder and done better. I can blame the fact that I don’t deal well with hard deadlines, or that I am very prone to procrastination when I have a lot of time on my hands, or that I didn’t pace myself properly while preparing, or that I didn’t fully buy into the idea of going back to studies. The bottom line is that I was the reason I failed.

So there I was, contemplating my life decisions, equal parts sulking and despaired, when I decided to switch to plan B – work. I was a couple of weeks into considering my options when rtCamp reached out.

Going back to rtCamp seemed obvious. I was familiar with the job, the people, the industry. I knew I would be welcomed back, and that I would be compensated well.

I wanted to go back as a freelancer though. This way, I could have more control over my time, keep my options open in case something more interesting came up and most of all, put me in a zone where I had a gentle (?) pressure to be productive.

We spoke, we negotiated. It worked out.


My official title is “Digital Marketing Manager”, which I find accurate, yet reductive of the role that I understand I have been hired to play. But rtCamp has always done a terrible job of managing their titles so I’m not too mad 🤷🏻‍♂️

The company has grown and evolved since I left in mid-2018. I think the main driver for this change has been their new hiring strategy and concomitantly, their new hires. They are different in a couple of important ways – first, they are all veterans in their respective roles, second, they have interesting lives outside of work.

This combination of expertise and character brings a different flavour, a diversity of perspectives, a positivity and purpose to the company. I feel motivated to do better, to be better, to push myself, or be left out.

Another change – my job role is much more defined this time around. Or, I am much better equipped to define it. The truth is probably somewhere in between. Regardless, I feel challenged every day I go to work.

My work is in an area that is new to me, but also new to the company itself – B2B marketing, on the upper end of the market. It’s one of those things in which I constantly feel like I don’t know how much I don’t know.

Anyway, I have been working hard and taking one day at a time. So far, so good.