Standard Operating Procedures

I have a shitty memory.

I’m sure this fact is compounded by the fast-paced, always connected, instant gratification seeking world that I live in, but there’s no denying that at the end of the day, my memory/recall is average at best.

But I am a thinker. And a planner, and a meticulous one at that. I get easily anxious, especially in areas that I perceive to be out of my control. I like to be in control. I have a dominating personality (don’t hate, relate) and I often find myself in positions of leadership. I like being efficient, in fact, I hate sloppiness. I’m a purist, I’m a great team player. I am a big picture thinker.

All of these things are a spaghetti bowl of cause and effect, and I am waaay too lazy to untangle it. All of it is true though.

The effect is this – I LOVE SOP’s. I think in SOP’s, I operate in SOP’s.

I can also, in spite of my shitty memory, create and internalize SOP’s, working themes, behavior patterns (these are all different facets of the thing that I’m trying to describe, what I call “SOP”).

So, that’s what I do. I create SOP’s for myself. And I stick to them with all my life.

That’s why I will often say things like “that doesn’t sound like me at all”, or “yup, that’s about right”. Even when I don’t remember the specifics, I remember the SOP’s that I have created for myself, others, or situations and that’s enough for me to call bullshit or bueno on a situation with confidence.

And more often than not, I’m always right. 😏